Joep Hutschemakers


Joep is responsible for day-to-day management activities at Greetz. He focuses on the company's strategy, structure and culture and is the first point of contact for shareholders. Before joining Greetz, Joep worked at Ebay as CEO of and was a member of the Marktplaats management team. Joep has an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management and studied both Business Economics and Health Sciences at the University of Maastricht. His favorite Greetz surprise? Our Belgian beers.

Simen Schimmel

Founder & CIO

Simen is responsible for product development. New products, new markets, new opportunities: he's always looking for different ways for Greetz to take its success forward into in the future. Simen studied Business Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Jan van der Veen


Jan is responsible for technological innovation at Greetz and also manages the software development teams. He and his team make sure that new ideas are developed properly, with core values like speed, quality and stability playing a major role in their success. After completing his study at the Grafisch Lyceum in Amsterdam (now Media College Amsterdam), Jan ran his own business for more than five years before joining Greetz.

Jan-Willem de Smeth

Finance Director

Jan-Willem is responsible for Finance within Greetz. Before he started working with us, he worked at Heineken. There he grew from management trainee to several positions, with Global B2B e-commerce controller as the most recent. He studied Economics in Groningen and Berlin and followed the RC study at the VU in Amsterdam. His favorite Greetz surprise? A balloon, because that always makes a great impressions on his three kids.

Ronald van Hekezen


Ronald’s main responsibility is making sure that every card and present arrives (and on time) at the receiver. He makes sure that there is a right amount of stock and that we have the rights systems and processes in place to help our production team in the best way possible. Ronald has been active in the logistics business for more than twenty years. After completing his HTS Logistics course in Venlo, he studied Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam. The love for logistics and operations has been there since an early age.